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Massoth Digital Track Contacts, 2 pack

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Massoth Digital Track Contacts

The Massoth Digital track contacts are magnetically-controlled, wear-free contact switches that deliver a control pulse when triggered. They fit between the rails of most G gauge track segments, and are triggered by passing locomotives with a magnet attached to the underside of their gearboxes. When used in conjunction with a Massoth feedback module, they can signal the passage of a train, the direction of it travel, or its location.

The Massoth Digital track contacts require a power supply; they may be powered through a connection to a DCC track or an external power supply.

The Massoth Digital track contacts can only be used with digital systems; they are not suitable for analog operations.

Technical specifications:
  • Power supply voltage: 10-24 DC / DCC, 12-18V AC
  • Continuous Current: max. 10mA
  • Current: ~ 30mA when triggered, momentary
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 158°F
Scope of delivery:
  • 2 Digital Track Contacts
  • User's Manual

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