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Massoth DiMAX 4-channel Switch Decoder II (replaces LGB 55025/55525)

Product number: 8156101
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Massoth Dimax 4 Channel Switch Decoder

Massoth's DiMAX 4-channel motor and switch decoder is an all-purpose decoder with 8 function outputs that can be controlled digitally, by reed relays, or by other switches. The decoder can be controlled via loco address or switch address.

In switch address mode, the decoder features 4 coupled function outputs: 1 & 2 (SW1), 3 & 4 (SW2), 5 & 6 (SW3), and 7 & 8 (SW4). Dual power amplifiers facilitate operation of switch drive is two directions and an intelligent protection software inhibits simultaneous operation of coupled functions.

In loco address mode, the decoder features 8 freely programmable function outputs where each output can be triggered independently.

The 4-channel switch decoder features 8 programmable contact inputs that can be used to operate switches by pushing a button on a control panel or by activating a track contact.

Massoth DiMAX 1-Channel Switch Decoder II (replaces LGB 55024)

Product number: 8156601
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Massoth DiMAX 1-Channel Switch Decoder II

The Massoth DiMAX 1-channel function and switch decoder is a small completely sealed waterproof decoder with 2 programmable contact inputs. It can be operated digitally with a function key, or mechanically with a push-button or track contact.

It is controllable via a switch address or a locomotive address. It features one coupled function output in switch address mode or 2 function outputs in locomotive address mode; all function outputs are dimmable.

It can be used to control lights, coil-operated switch drives (2 leads), electrically-operated motor drives, and RC servos. it can also be used to control the tilting of the kettle of an LGB® 40560 Hot Metal car, or raising and lowering the sidewall of an LGB® 41610 Unloading Car.

The switch decoder fits between track sleepers; it can be affixed to the track using the provide screw and the hole in the switch housing.

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