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Massoth 100mm LED Digital Lighting units, 2-pack

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Massoth 100mm LED digital Lighting Units

White-coated lighting boards with 2 long-lasting, energy-efficient, extra bright white LEDs, a built-in voltage stabilization circuit, and an integrated 2-channel decoder; works with AC (0-24V), DC (0-24V) and DCC (0-24V); suitable for installation in almost all LGB® passenger cars.

The integrated decoder features 2 function outputs with a total combined load capacity of 130mAmps. Lighting effects such as dimming, simulation of fluorescent tubes or mars lights, as well as single or double strobe are possible in digital and analog mode.

A Massoth LED analog lighting unit may be connected to the digital lighting unit to have its lights controlled by the digital unit and to have the same lighting effects possible with the digital lighting unit.

Regular bulbs or LEDs (with current limiting resistor) may also be connected the digital lighting unit.

Features of the decoder:

  • Total amperage: 130mAmps
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC
  • Digital and analog operation with automatic recognition
  • Parallel control of function outputs
  • 10239 Locomotive addresses
  • 2 function outputs, Max. 100mA, dimmable
  • Easy to use function mapping with direction assignment
  • Programmable blinking lights and other special functions
  • function outputs can be activated in analog operation
  • Rest function for all CV values
  • CV-read
  • CV-write
  • CV direct register programming (CV1-CV4)
  • Programming-on-Main (POM)

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 0-24 Volts AC/DC/DCC
  • Maximum total load: 130mAmp
  • Temperature Range: -4°F to 122°F
  • Dimensions: 100x15x7mm

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